Globalization has rapidly incorporated modern technology in every walk of life. Educational development demands adaptation of avant-garde technology and advanced skills to produce proficient students and exceptional human beings. This led to the inclusion of international curricula and methodologies within Pakistan to meet global challenges in every occupation. The private sector played a vitally important role by contributing immensely to and creating public awareness about the educational scenario of Pakistan, despite the dearth of resources. In such dynamic conditions, it is crucial to invigorating the private sector.

Creative Educational Services (CES) caters to this urgency in the most efficient, and economical manner possible. We epitomize excellence and research-based curricula to improve education systems in Pakistan, so that every person can contribute towards national development and stability.
CES provides a centralized education system, with services like:

  • Developing curriculum’s, scheme of studies, daily lesson plans, admission tests, worksheets, activity planner, summer pack, academic manuals, weekly quizzes, monthly tests and term papers.
  • Providing IT and administrative services, including hiring/firing policies and account handling guidelines.
  • Devising business management processes – ERP and app services; and curating cluster training sessions.

We aspire to make critical thinkers, problem-solvers and technology-driven individuals to form an exceptional system that accommodates the current demands of the state. Under the flagship of CES, a cadre of professionals are working round the clock to re-shape the future of Pakistan.