Pre School

CES is a research-based organization, devised by highly qualified professionals catering to diverse aptitudes and cultural dynamics of the region. CES believes that “formative years” lay the foundation for the future; therefore, it is extremely important to have a diverse, innovative and creative curriculum that discovers and polishes the hidden potentials of a child.

The pre-school education system devised by CES plays a significant role in the physical, emotional and cognitive development of a child. We inspire young children in those impressionable years by determining their potential and then we intend to shape their personality to achieve key milestones in the future.

Pre School Objectives

Facilitating cognitive skills enhancement: thinking, reasoning, self-expression, fine and gross motor skills, language, and speech formation.
Applying psychological evaluation system to identify strengths and weaknesses within the child at an early stage and nurturing the child’s natural abilities for proper development.
Teaching to respect each individual and communicate effectively.
Inculcating self-confidence and acceptance of success and defeat.
Creating interactive an environment with individual attention to hone every child’s potentials.
Building characters to develop civic sense based on social and moral values.
Facilitating hands-on and activity-based learning for consolidation of concepts.
Using modern technology and tools to teach effectively.