Globalization has rapidly incorporated modern technology in every walk of life. Educational development demands adaptation of avant-garde .
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Equipping individuals with 21st century skills to make them future leaders, entrepreneurs and work towards the development of Pakistan
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Facilitating educationist of Pakistan with curricula of international standards and modern technologies to achieve best practices

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Core Values

CES Corner


In order to become a member of CES Network and to take advantage of the full benefits of our superior services.

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Financial Plan

We provide the finest services available; and match up to national and international standards.

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CES Features

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education.

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Our Services

Academics & Trainings Support

At CES Academics and Training Department, we provide you complete academic manuals, scheme of studies, daily lesson plans, admission tests, worksheets, activity planner, summer pack, weekly quizzes, monthly tests and term papers.

Information Technology Assistance

CES IT Department provides a secured login and identification services – an entire online management system to each member school. To optimize work outcomes, effective and timely IT assistance is pivotal, also for stable online traffic and networking.

Administrative Assistance

CES provides a comprehensive administrative framework to all member schools; engaging them into day-to-day operation. For the smooth management of our member schools.

Human Resource Development

The primary focus of CES HR Department is to enforce relevant practices and codes to maintain productive working hours, and to build a unique aura for all employees of the member schools that must connect them to their every-day tasks with utmost dedication

Marketing & Promotion Support

Robust marketing is the new trend of global times; whatever is presented well, gains more popularity and clientele. Therefore, CES provides its member schools with extensive promotion and advertisement, to facilitate them and help expand their outreach for maximum admissions.

Career Counselling Assistance

CES considers a well-equipped and well-informed youth to be the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. On account of that, we have devised a comprehensive career counseling mechanism at CES, catering to the 21st-century challenges. At CES, we believe in choosing a field of studies that is best suited to a student’s interests and future aspirations ….

Accounts & Finance Support

CES provides its members with an up-to-date, intricate financial management system to tackle all sorts of finance-related record keeping, reports, budgets, and transaction details. We create an entire system, which is user-friendly and accessible to counter any technical challenges.

Centralized Examination Support

CES presents tailor-made examination system to cater to your academic needs. We provide cost-effective and time-saving solutions without the need to employ additional work-force at your end. Our Board of Curriculum & Examination generates evaluation materials under the supervision of CES Academic Council, in accordance with the international standards and national guidelines.

Our Partners