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3 Challenges Faced by Private Schools in Pakistan

Pakistan has the world’s second highest number of children out of school. And private education in Pakistan is filling the gaps created by the public schools. However, fierce competition in the industry and fundamental changes in the economy drive many out of the business. Being aware of nuts and bolts of the private sector, I would like to make a few but valid points of interventions – 3 challenges faced by the private schools in Pakistan.

Gain The Domain Knowledge

You must never invest in the sector with marginal field experience. It is important to have a proper domain knowledge. Acquaint yourself with a company that offers educational services, hands on training, and products. Networking with like-minded people will give you an upper hand to decide on which services should you focus first when establishing, or upgrading your school. At the entry-level, not everyone comes with proper training or a diploma. Familiarity with the itchy bity of the management dimension is important. Presently the schools do not house relevant departments and leadership to run the administrative functions and academic faculty. Most of the times, the investor gets intimated by the technological aspects of the management, the audit and finance, payment of tax in due date, or not having a legal team to represent them in legal matters. With right management and the academic staff, you can earn huge profits but also contribute in the society by producing future leaders and entrepreneurs. CES promises the unprecedented opportunities to people like you. We are consistently on a look-out to help motivated individual like you. We are just a call away.

Enforce 21st Century Curriculum

The debate on age-appropriate and contemporary-relevant curriculum has been going on forever, even become heated with the arrival of digital age. An outdated curriculum, not adhering to the needs of 21st century requirements is de-capacitating in nature. It will literally cripple a child, providing no survival skills.  Students must be given the opportunity to learn 21st century skill. A STEAM-based education is a comprehensive solution. STEAM-based curriculum nourishes the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering, Arts and mathematics – in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the five disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEAM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications. I believe in educating students to bring innovation in the society, motivating and inspiring them to excel in STEAM subjects by brining on board the best teachers. What separates STEAM from the traditional science and math education is the blended learning environment and showing students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real world applications of problem solving. As mentioned before, STEAM education begins while students are very young. It holds true that private education is often expensive, making it inaccessible to the most vulnerable and impoverished children. But CES offers low-cost educational services, consultation, and training, it remains true to its vision of extending affordable education of every child of Pakistan.

Train Your Teachers

It leads to the issue of lack of qualified teachers who are in immediate need of training on pedagogical skills. It is very important to train your academic staff. I believe that whatever a teacher imparts in the classroom becomes every child’s understanding of the world around. Hence, it is imperative to make a curriculum inclusive of applied knowledge to develop cognitive skills in every child. Plan a training schedule and introduce a unique model of education that only promises excellence delivered with the utmost integrity which is affordable, and flexible. Dedicate a department to Research and Development and devise the best teaching model after several rounds of market research. Hand-pick the teaching material which must go well with the curriculum. Learn about the international as well as national standards, and incorporate it in every-day philosophy of your academic as well as non-academic staff, empowering students with the 21st-century skills. Build career-driven individuals is not enough, it should be complemented with building tech proficiency. Moreover, expect from your teachers to build expertise in particular subject and give them the confidence to try innovative means of communication with their pupil that should encourage skill-based as well as theoretical knowledge. 

I believe these three immediate interventions in your existing and future education model will not only reward you in becoming one of a leading educationist of Pakistan but also help expand your business with surplus profits in the country and abroad.

  1. Khushnood Mujtaba

    ASA, Regards
    Very brainstorming and so realistic points to remember and follow while on being quest to quality education. Can’t motivate the society until you motivate those who make up the real society, the students.
    The students ultimate learning objective to sit for exams must be elevated to live for society and build the essential fundamentals of a cohesive and caring individual who is not only going to be a professional in business hours but a very important society member after wards.

    Great piece of writing about quality education!


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