Academic Council

CES Academic Council is an unprecedented group of international repute. The Academic Council is a concentration of high-profile individuals’ who are experts in their relevant fields; human resource, administration, marketing and finance, educationists, technologist, social scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and others. The Council is the academic body of CES and has the power to lay down proper procedures to streamline and promote the academic life of the affiliated schools. The Council advises the Board of Examination, and make relevant policies. It keeps track of codes of conduct and curriculum regulations for affiliated schools. It makes recommendations on the teaching methodologies, learning tools, and types of training necessary for academic staff and the student body.

Robert Gammon

Robert was born in London (England), but was brought-up in Lima (Peru), studying at Markham College. He returned to England to go to Aston University in Birmingham, and later City University of London, where he earned a Master’s degree. Aged eleven, he won a short story competition. However, his career was not in writing but in banking and finance in England, Japan and Spain, university lecturer in Spain and Saudi Arabia, head of an English department at a university in the Middle East, supervising over 100 teachers, and owner of an educational business in Spain, leading a team of 60 people. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time for writing.  Nevertheless, his true vocation is writing. An Oxford University creative writing programme was instrumental in developing his career as a novelist. His study of Peruvian and world history led to his historical novel The Titans of the Pacific, about one of the most dramatic periods in history. The sequel novel, Blessed Assassination, ends with the assassination of President Sánchez-Cerro, which took place across the street from where Robert lived in Lima. His novels are based on exciting historical events in the countries where he has lived in Latin America, Europe, the Far East and the Middle East. He enjoys learning languages and speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese and some Arabic. Robert is a member of the Historical Novel Society and he can also be found on Goodreads. 

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khattak

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khattak is a senior academician, scholar, and author, with 39 years of vast experience.Dr. Khattak has held several academic and management related positions at prominent academic institutions of Pakistan. He is the founder of Khushal Khan Khattak University, Karak and Institute of Business Management Sciences at Agriculture University, Peshawar.He has taught at renowned education facilities in Pakistan as Visiting Faculty; City University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar, Qurtaba University, University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar, and University of Peshawar.Dr. Khattak is on Board of Studies of Kohat University of Science & Technology, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, and Islamia College, University, Peshawar.
Previously, Dr. Khattak has provided consultancy to Mazar Sharif University and Kabul University as USAID Advisor for Curriculum Development, and UNICEF for Afghanistan on textbook and curriculum design.Dr.Khattak has authored two best seller text books approved by Ministry of Education on Educational Psychology. He has even represented the education sector of Pakistan at numerous prestigious training, forums, and workshops in England and United States.He earned his doctorate in Technical Writing and MS in Educational Psychology and Agricultural Journalism from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.Dr. Khattak strives for a truly transformed education system of Pakistan that is simultaneously moving, and life-changing for the students. Thus, he seeks strong curriculum that complements in letter and spirit the 21st century knowledge industry.

Zarina Hassan

Zarina Hassan is a medical doctor, scientist, blogger, climber, writer, artist, and a humanitarian. Dr. Hassan lost her vision due to Glaucoma a few years back. She pledged not to let her disability hold her back and evolved it successfully into her outmost strength. This is the kind of spirit she wants to incorporate in students; mentoring them on tackling everyday academic as well as personal challenges. She wants to encourage students to pool their available resources, meager all the same, to bring about big results.

Munir Ahmad Rashid

Mr. Rashid a respected educationist, entrepreneur, award winning author, researcher, Teachers trainer, linguist, writer, working in the field for a 25 years, has been the man behind the growth in the literacy rate of Pakistan. Well known for his literary endeavors professionally in Pakistan. He earned his master degree in Urdu literature, from Karachi University, graduating with first position. Awarded the Mir Khalil ur Rehman gold medal, Mr. Rashid who began his writing career with the prose of poetry, now composes a series of literacy training textbooks for children and adults. Mr. Rashid has written for several well-known children's magazines and he is a prolific author of children's literature. A collection of his stories has been selected and published in New Delhi, India. The International Islamic University awarded him for his great service to children's literature. In his vocation he collaborated with several national and international organizations including UNESCO, UNICEF, ILO, ACTIONAID, GTZ/BEFARE, MUSLIMAID, ROTARY INTERNATIONAL, NCHD, NRSP, SRSP, NAZARYA-E-PAKISTAN FOUNDATION, NATIONAL FOODS LTD., THE NISHAT AND CRESENT GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, and many more. All of these renowned organizations have been benefited by his books and trainings. Mr. Rashid's deep study and observation of children literature marks a prominent aspect of his literary career.Currently the CEO of Institute for Basic Education & Research (IBER), Director at ACTINSIGHT, Chairman for Azaan foundation Trust, Member Advisory Board of Youth Empowerment Society (YES) and consultant of several other organizations, Mr. Rashid has also worked as the Director Research at New Century Education for 9 years, Research head at CERD & ERI and editor for Tiflee and ankh macholi magazines in the past. Mr. Rashid has also worked with World Bank as a linguist. And acted as a consultant in a project to develop a syllabus for the Balouchistan textbook board. Later, He worked with the British Council as an expert to assess the learning outcomes of children. Mr. Rashid is well aware of American and British contemporary educational research and development. .

Ayesha Usman

Ayesha Usman, currently working as Head of Sociology at Govt. College Women University Sialkot, possesses a vast experience of working with international organizations. She has been actively involved in policy-making forums, both national and International, negotiating agreements, managing public opinion and building and strengthening linkages. She completed MPhil in Education Policy and Development and M.A in Philosophy, both from University of the Punjab, Lahore. Her work involves working on various aspects of Human Resource Development, designing and conducting Teacher Training Workshops and programs for the youth. Ayesha has held prestigious positions including one of the Founding Members of International Forum on Education, Turkey (International Think Tank), Chairperson IMWU, International Muslim Women Union, Pakistan Chapter, Member of Philosophical Congress, and Institute of Policy Studies - IPS. An innate philosopher and reformer, she seeks to redeem society through education.

Karam Elahi

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Dr. Mumtaz Fatima Jafari

Dr. Mumtaz Fatima Jafari is a senior academician, practicing counselor, and consultant psychotherapist, with 43 years of extensive academic experience. Dr. Jafari is presently working with COMSATS as Director Faculty Development Academy (FDA), where she is responsible for planning, implementing, revising and evaluating Professional Development Programs for existing faculty as well as newly recruited teachers for Pre-service Training. She has supervised Faculty Development Programs for more than 13 years and has worked as External Psychologist in Federal Public Service Commission for more than 20 years. Dr. Jafari is a Member Muslim Psychologists Malaysia, and has taught as an Associate Professor at International Islamic University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 5 years. She holds MS, PhD in Counseling, Counselor Education, and Educational Psychology from Indiana University, USA. Dr. Jafari is striving to add value to the overall institution of private education and to encourage students to learn ‘smart & efficient’ with her acclaimed knowledge in the education psychology and counseling industry.

Zulfiqar Janjua

Mr. Janjua is an accomplished Leader and Management Consultant with a track record of working with high-growth national and international organizations at top management level. He graduated from London and brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, learning and development, technical breadth, and passion for customer care as a Trainer. He is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Lead Auditor and also member of SHRM USA, KPI Australia. As a trainer he has delivered more than 2000 sessions to Directors, Managers, Principals, Heads and Teachers at school, college and university level in the country and outside the country.

Nisar Moosa

Nisar Moosa hails is a Youth Leadership development expert and 21st century education consultant. He strives to bring best practices and innovative tools to Pakistan’s education system. As a co founder of Youth Impact, a non-profit organization dedicated to leadership development and capacity building of Pakistan’s Youth, Nisar has trained thousands of Youth all over Pakistan since 2012 in areas of Entrepreneurship, personal excellence and positive mindset development. Over the last few years, Nisar has developed various unique training modules for Youth that strengthen their education with life skills, while working with large school chains, rural educational setups, colleges and NGOs. Nisar has also worked as a consultant with various institutions for transforming their education philosophy and introducing new and creative methods of teaching kids and youth. His signature youth development programs are Smart Tajir, an experiential program for teaching entrepreneurship to school students, rising teens, a teenager’s dream workshop for excellence, Soul freedom, a positive mindset development workshop for juvenile offenders in Karachi jail, True North a program for developing school teachers as leaders for their students, and many more. Nisar’s major contributions in education and learning include teachers’ development, designing 21st century schools and eco-system and preparing a generation of experiential learning experts in Pakistan. He conducted hundreds of workshops for teacher and wrote a book to help teachers and educators to change learning paradigms in schools.