Career Counselling Assistance

CES considers a well-equipped and well-informed youth to be the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. On account of that, we have devised a comprehensive career counseling mechanism at CES, catering to the 21st-century challenges. At CES, we believe in choosing a field of studies that is best suited to a student’s interests and future aspirations towards a particular profession, quintessential in this fast-moving, global community. For this purpose, we help our students identify their core strengths, aptitudes, and inclinations towards any occupation. This enables them to pinpoint their set goals, and targets to pursue a successful life. CES provides our member schools with:

  • interests and aptitude identification tests for future careers,
  • sessions on job market awareness and possible occupational
  • individual career counseling sessions for each student at any level of his/her studies,
  • regular sessions for progress updates and parental inclusion, and
  • programs on identifying students’ concerns and problem areas to facilitate productive solutions.