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Noman Afzal

It was my dream to uplift and revolutionize the overall educational sector specially the schools of Pakistan. Perusing my dream, I focused on private sector especially on individual schools which are not associated with any chain networks. These schools run their schooling system on their own mean they don’t have any standardized operating school system.
While, the new stakeholders coming in private schooling sector since 2000 are only focusing on chain networks mean they are launching Franchise Schools Network and are working for the betterment of their network associates only. The fact which bothered me was, that in Private Schools more than 95 % of the total students are studying in individual schools (Lacking an updated researched base schooling system). While only 5 % are studying in Franchise Schools. For this reason, we have launched CES the pioneer Educational Services Company which is working closely with private individual schools on daily basis and is providing a comprehensive School Operating System to them where they get the updated guidelines of overall schooling on daily basis. Now, my dream is to take this dynamic school operating model to every private school of Pakistan in order to change the outdated schooling system into the updated one.

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