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CES enables every level of education to be imparted through an age-appropriate curriculum and needed skills while instilling modern teaching methodologies and learning tools. We offer a complete package of academic services which includes a compatible scheme of studies to cater to the 21st century requirements through superior teamwork.


CES is a research-based organization, devised by highly qualified professionals catering to diverse aptitudes and cultural dynamics of the region. CES believes that “formative years” lay the foundation for the future; therefore, it is extremely important to have a diverse, innovative and creative curriculum that discovers and polishes the hidden potentials of a child. The pre-school education system devised by CES plays a significant role in the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of a child. We inspire young children in those impressionable years by determining their potential and then we intend to shape their personality to achieve key milestones in the future.


At CES we believe that at the primary school level, it is imperative for students to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which can aid in nourishing their ambitions and future inclinations to any subject. We have created a unique system of primary education that enables the child to express his/her competencies in the finest way possible. In fact, we empower your child to become an independent and self-aware human being. CES employs research-based curriculum and teaching methodologies to not only to make students proficient in their studies but also to make a positive impact in their personal upbringings. Our interactive learning tools for your children rightly connote to this spirit of education at CES.


CES mentors your child to choose the most relevant field of study that grasps your child’s interest and can be utilized further in the professional arena. We regard this as the most crucial time in an individual’s life, which determines his aptitudes and inclinations in the professional world. It establishes him as a constructive person in society. In order for your child to succeed; CES helps build a clear, decisive path achieved by self-awareness, grasp over present-day technologies, and acquisition of necessary knowledge and skills.

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