CES Features


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education is defined as an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning to explore real-world questions. We believe that literacy in the key curriculum areas is crucial to understand complex problems facing the 21st-century. Therefore, we facilitate tech training’s and research-based curriculum that should encourage skill-based as well as theoretical knowledge showcasing effective pedagogic strategies and innovative learning tools.


CES offers a unique model of education that only promises affordability, and flexibility. CES Research and Development Department (CES R&D) has devised this model after extensive research and in accordance with the international as well as national standards. It is only to empower our children with the 21st-century skills. Moreover, the member schools are offered with an unprecedented opportunity to select any among five types of curriculums based upon their personal preferences i.e. Curriculum A – Curriculum B – Curriculum C – Curriculum D –Curriculum E (customized). Each curriculum comprises scheme of studies, daily lesson plans, admission tests, worksheets, activity planner, summer pack, academic manuals, weekly quizzes, monthly tests and term papers.


We consider our children to be the future leaders and entrepreneurs of Pakistan, therefore, a comprehensive career counseling module is the highlight of CES features. It caters to the 21st-century challenges by helping students identify their core strengths, aptitudes and inclinations towards any subject area, to set a target and pursue a successful life. Interests and aptitude identification tests are offered to each member school along with exclusive sessions on market demand, and individual career counseling.


CES serves a mental health guideline to all member schools, to navigate their students’ learning progress as well as prioritize their physical and mental health. To cater to the psychological needs of our students, their parents and teachers alike, CES administers psychological services that include IQ tests and other psychological assessments, to help overcome cognitive barriers. CES also organizes programs and projects on physical education to develop students’ physical competence, confidence, and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.


At CES, we pride in professional development and take it as one of the most effective strategies to improve the performance of teachers and school leadership. We train academic and non-academic staff on pedagogical ethics and management fundamentals, respectively. Each training session is designed exclusively to suit the needs of a curriculum subject, or an administrative department, and evaluate their progress based on everyday benchmarks. Under the supervision of Academic Council, CES offers cluster trainings on the use of pedagogical techniques in specialized subjects, and workshops on e-management and e-library tools, etc.


CES promises smooth management hence offers a single-click solution to all of your management-related matters. At CES, we adhere to ERP, building successful triangular relationship quintessential to an academic institution i.e. parent-teacher-student. Our management oversees academics, admissions, inventory, accounts, human resource, and annual evaluations. Therefore, we have also introduced e-management e.g. official announcements via SMS, and notification alerts for Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM); CES app for parents to access confidential record of their child i.e. results, daily attendance, and assigned homework; and CES app for teachers about assigned tasks, attendance, and academic.


As we believe in a healthy combo of curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular actives. CES academic calendar is yearly designed with scheduled activities that shine all three of these. It aims to improve the academic performance of our students, broaden their perspectives on life and make them excel in their innate potentials with confidence.