Professional Development

Teaching quality and school management are the most important factors that determine a student’ personal as well as academic progress. And professional development is one of the most effective strategies CES has to execute to improve the performance of teachers and school leadership. We not only train academic and non-academic staff of our affiliated schools but also evaluate their progress based on everyday benchmarks. For example, for academic staff, it is important to excel at constructive mentoring, understanding a child’s psyche, using interactive tools to teach complex ideas, and open interaction, etc. To a non-academic staff, it is quintessential to be skillful in coordination, communication, and management tasks, etc.

Therefore, not only we organize trainings at CES corporate office for your staff but also encourage them to participate in international dialogues at conferences abroad playing a bigger role in the international community of educationists and reflecting their experiences back in Pakistan.

CES has a robust and centralized trainings module under the supervision of Academic Council.