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Join CES for 3-Reasons

Investment never plummets in the education sector. A dramatic upsurge is seen in the number of businessmen and entrepreneurs entering into the education sector. The reason is simple – the changing dynamics of globalization, technology, and rapidly changing job market requires 21st century skills. And public schools in Pakistan have simply failed to address these challenges effectively. This inevitable factor encourages sincere investments more than ever before in Pakistan – currently hosts the world’s second highest number of children out of school. Driven by its philosophy is provide 21st century skills to every child but also to train future educationist, CES is addressing 3 challenges faced by the private schools in Pakistan.

CES Provides Comprehensive Solutions

You will see industries crumbling and falling apart based on changing economics of the world. Education is an essential aspect of development and a fundamental right prioritized by every parent making it an ever-increasing necessity and ever-growing industry for investments. However, building a business from scratch has its cons. It requires capital and resources, understanding of the market and tremendous efforts to convert it into a recognized brand. With CES, you can easily save yourself from such burdens and just ready to roll as an educationist from day one. CES takes care of everything! CES develops your booklists, your curriculum, your IT systems, provide you with administration and legal support. Because, the competition is fierce in the private schools, CES is investing heavily to create a big brand for your school. Select CES for its distinguished ERP module to build strong parent-teacher-student relationship. It enables, perpetual and effective and oversees academics, admissions, inventory, accounts, human resource, and annual evaluations. You will even get official announcements via SMS, and notification alerts for Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM). Parents will have access to the confidential record of their child and teachers will find their assigned tasks, attendance, and daily lesson plans. In fact, it provides fee structures and access to the online library.

CES Promises 21st Century Curriculum

In an ever-growing technology and skill-driven world, education can only be one-dimensional with Two-Ls i.e. learning & leadership. STEAM-based education (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) is the new “learning” and soft skills are the new “leadership”. The focus in education has shifted to prepare students for the careers of the future. I believe that the post-millennials need to be in charge of their personal as well as professional choices. Such fast-pacing trend that has scientific backings led to interactive and creative methodologies with many countries championing the sector like UK, Japan and South Korea. With the introduction of STEAM based learning, the investment in education has hiked to the sky. And the demand is much greater than the available schools can fulfill. By going through the education franchise route, you also save yourself from the hassle of setting up a curriculum. CES will provide you a proven teaching methodology and offer the requisite training & support to enhance your competency. Our guidance is perpetual, it will reduce costs and double your profits in no time. CES enables every level of education to be imparted through an age-appropriate curriculum and needed skills, while instilling modern teaching methodologies and learning tools.

CES Trains Your Staff

Teaching quality and school management, both are the most important factors that determine a student’ personal as well as academic progress. And professional development is one of the most effective strategies CES has in placed to improve the performance of teachers and school leadership. CES not only train academic and non-academic staff of the affiliated schools but also evaluate their progress based on everyday benchmarks. For example, for academic staff, it is important to excel at constructive mentoring, understanding a child’s psyche, using interactive tools to teach complex ideas, and open interaction, etc. To a non-academic staff, it is quintessential to be skillful in coordination, communication, and management tasks, etc. Therefore, CES has a robust and centralized trainings module that includes trainings on use of pedagogical techniques in specialized subjects, and workshops on e-management and e-library tools, etc.

Overall, you will find CES at the forefront in transforming the education standards of Pakistan and working towards zero illiteracy through flexible and affordable means. Contact us to get connected with one of our managers on CES products and services.

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