Network Membership Procedure

In order to become a member of CES Network and to take advantage of the full benefits of our superior services, following a six-step procedure must be observed:

Step 1: Initial Information

Get in touch with one of our representatives or managers at CES on any queries you have about our services. The first step is essential to acquaint yourself with our dynamic team and understand the CES Network.

Step 2: EOI Form

After familiarizing yourself with CES, written Expression of Interest is needed. We have a template designed for you to formally put in writing your interest. This step will not only help build your own preliminary profile but also help us understand your expectations towards CES.

Step 3: Corporate Office Briefing

The third step is all about joining CES. An official meeting shall be arranged between you and our experts who shall deliver a comprehensive presentation regarding CES, its working mechanism, complete services, and custom features; as well as, details regarding financial terms. They will also give you their professional advice on joining the CES Network and other possible alternatives.

Step 4: Submission of Membership Form

The fourth step is to register yourself; (a) fill out all the sections on the application, and (b) submit the application to CES Corporate Office.

Step 5: Signing of Agreement

Upon signing of the agreement with CES, the Operations Department will lay out your work plan and file the necessary documentation. This step will also finalize your payment method.

Step 6: Project Initiation

Immediately after signing of the agreement, the Operations Department will dispatch all and necessary services which will officially commence the project.