Primary School

At CES we believe that at the primary school level, it is imperative for students to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which can aid in nourishing their ambitions and future inclinations to any subject. We have created a unique system of primary education that enables the child to express his/her competencies in the finest way possible. In fact, we empower your child to become an independent and self-aware human being.

CES employs research-based curriculum and teaching methodologies to not only to make students proficient in their studies but also to make a positive impact in their personal upbringings. Our interactive learning tools for your children rightly connote to this spirit of education at CES.

Primary-School Objectives

Generating age-appropriate curriculum to impel natural tendencies and enhance innate skills.
Nurturing analytical reasoning and creative abilities.
Using psychological evaluation systems to better understand the challenges faced by the children and help them navigate according to their potentials.
Introducing STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) for the individual motivation of students.
Developing entrepreneurial skills to make students confident and proactive members of society.
Improving interpersonal skills especially group coordination, and conflict resolution.
Teaching the use of modern tools to learn actively.
Inspiring towards the importance of religious and moral standings, acceptance, and cultural diversity.