Secondary School

CES mentors your child to choose the most relevant field of study that grasps your child’s interest and can be utilized further in the professional arena. We regard this as the most crucial time in an individual’s life, which determines their aptitudes and inclinations in the professional world. It establishes them as a constructive person in society. In order for your child to succeed; CES helps build a clear, decisive path achieved by self-awareness, grasp over present-day technologies, and acquisition of necessary knowledge and skills.

Secondary-School Objectives

Executing uniformity in educational standards to empower students to compete at national and international forums.
Applying robotics and STEAM-based activities to encourage the 21stcentury proficiencies and careers for the future.
Using psychological evaluation systems to identify the shortcomings and strengths of each student; help him/her root out and address the challenges.
Motivating students on the ideals and benefits of entrepreneurship for future careers.
Building self-reliant and confident individuals, ready to explore avant-garde technology.
Building characters to develop civic sense based on social and moral values.
Developing a sense of nationalism to the benefit of Pakistan
Building academic excellence to ensure the finest educational modes and learning through dynamic curriculum.
Advancing critical thinking and problem-solving techniques in students.
Teaching self-discipline and the importance of teamwork.