Psychological Well-Being

Our children are our future. CES aspires to create self-sufficient and smart individuals to keep-up-to fast pacing world. To conjoin the ambitions of a child with the expectations of their parents, it is imperative to comprehend the intellectual standing of the child itself. Therefore, CES provides a mental health guideline to all member schools, to navigate their students’ learning progress as well as prioritize their physical and mental health above all.

To cater psychological needs of our students, their parents and teachers alike, CES administers psychological services that include:

  • IQ tests and other psychological assessments,
  • counseling sessions to help overcome cognitive barriers,
  • yearly appraisal and problem area identification,
  • 10-year assessment mechanism to pinpoint the top qualities of a child and aptitudes for future career,
  • yearly reports, training’s, workshops, and parental awareness programs.